The artist

The Artist

Margareta Skogsberg P


I was born in 1956 in Arboga, a small town in Sweden.

I work as an artist and light-and color therapist.


I have been painting for 30 years.

Today I let the impulse lead me when i am creating and it happens exciting things in the creations.


I use acrylic color and mix different materials into the color which gives structure and effects.


International exhibitions


2015 Galleria II Collezionista Solo September Rom

2015 Bienal de Arte Barcelona april Barcelona

2015 Binnale RT Florence mars Florence

2014 Gallery Pall Mall december London

2014 Gallery 76 october Dubai

2014 Gallery 69 Manhattan july New York

2014 Art Monaco Grimaldi Form april Monaco

2014 Art Expo april New York

2013 Art Shopping Louvren june Paris

2013 Art Monaco Grimaldi Forum april Monaco


Swedish exhibitions


2016 Gallery Magno Art Stockholm

2016 Gallery T Old Town Stockholm

2014 Gallery Quirinus Köping

2014 Old Town Stockholm

2014 Gallery Max 'Annexet' Ystad

2013 Utställningshallen Köping

2013 Sv. Konstgalleriet Malmö

2011 Old Town Stockholm

2008 Nykvarns Gallery Enköping

2006 Gallery Östermalm Stockholm

2006 Wadköpingshallen Örebro

1999-2004 Julslong Arboga

1998 Wadköpingshallen Örebro



Gallery Quirinus

The movie from my exhibition in Köping Sweden