Malta        Trophy ” Knights of Malta”    19-25/7  2014

Monaco   ”La Palma De Oro”                    20/9       2014

Catania    ”Arte Catania Award”             15-28/11 2014

Paris         ”Europa in Arte”                      5-9/12     2014

Florence  ”Dante Alighieri Prize”          21/2-3/3 2015

Florence  ”Sandro Boticello Prize”           1/3        2015

Monreale  "Award Guiglielmo II”          21-29/3  2015

Rom         ”Roma Imperiale Prize”            19/5     2015

Venedig ”Marco Polo International Prize 25/9  2015

Gallerier där jag är representerad

Galleri St. Erik St.Eriksgatan 79 

11332 Stockholm       08-310189

Galleri Puckeln Hornsgatan Stockholm


Svenska Utställningar

2019           Konstrundan Kolbäcksådalen                Hallstahammar

2018           Galleri Darling Södermalm                     Stockholm

2018           Södermalms konsthall                              Stockholm

2017           Galleri Riddaren  Gamla stan                  Stockholm

2016           Galleri Magno Art      Östermalm            Stockholm

2016           Galleri T                 Gamla Stan                  Stockholm

2014           Galleri Quirnius  25-31 augusti                 Köping

2014           Galleri Ängel 2-8 augusti ‘ Gamla Stan’  Stockholm

2014           Galleri Max ‘Annexet’ 7-13 juli                  Ystad

2013           Svenska Konstgalleriet                               Malmö

2012           Svenska Konstgalleriet                               Malmö

2012           Gamla Stan                                                   Stockholm

2008           Nykvarns Galleri                                         Enköping

Internationella utställningar

    Rom          ”Galleria II Collezionista” Solo    17-31/9     2015

    Barcelona ”Bienal de Arte Barcelona”         17-19/4       2015

    Paris         ”Galerie Thuillier”                         13-26/3       2015

    Paris         ”Galerie Thuillier”                         13-26/3       2015

    Florense   ”Biennale RT Florence”                21/2-19/3   2015

    Palermo    ”Biennale RT Palermo”               11-25/1        2015

    London      ”Gallery Pall Mall”                     december   2014

    Dubai         ”Gallery 76                                   11-23/10     2014

    New York  ”Gallery 69” NY Manhattan      17-31/7       2014

    Monaco      ”Art Monaco”  Grimaldi Forum   april       2014

    New York   ”Art Expo”                                        april      2014

    Paris            ”Art Shopping”  Louvren                juni       2013

    Monaco       ”Art Monaco”  Grimaldi Forum    april      2013


Riccardo Baldelli, Konstkritiker och VD för interartex.

”The art of Margareta Skogsberg is equipped with an incredible expertise of color and capacity

of building the pictorial space. Her forms of human features, often just profiles are elegant and

almost impalpable. They are forms with an elegant constuctive balance, are made through a harmonius

and well balanced color theory relationship. There is, in the art of Margareta, a realease of emotional

energy and feelinghs, which presides over the creation and the structure of the paintings. The light,

a resault of wise choises of color, is the dominant trait of the artworks, treated as a narrative element,

but also as a tool to reveal the mystique behind the artwork.  The light is often treated and reflected in

crystals, clear sign of experience of glass at the artist, which are a decorative piece but also a key sign

in the dramatic perspective of the picture. The Nordic legacy of the play of light and shadow is also an

instrument of soul searching, faceted the human soul as a diamond in relationship with nature, a nature

understood as sentient entities and completionof of the existential ego.

The crystallization of the soul gives light that exceeds the boundaries of the human and fades  in the

ethereal blue of the artist, as if to tell us that the soul has no boundaries but materials such as paint

on the canvas, faded in to the eternal and universal.

Margareta is the artist of the soul that leads the viewer of her works beyond the boundaries of

their own humanity.”



Salvatore Russo, International Curator and Critic.

New Visual heavens. Gardens of contemporaries Eden, maketheir appearance on canvas.

Real explosions of light characterize a visual path that has in the research its most correct key of

Reading. Margareta Skogsberg is an artist able todevelop her own signic alphabet. An alphabet

whose linguistic resides in the great gesture of the artist, which presents us its cities of light.